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Heroics Empowered Resilient Organization

Are you inspired to dive into your day? Do you look forward to your work?

Do you find your energy flows toward life and in the work you do?

What is your YES!? How do you express that yes?

Do you experience a work environment that is connected, inspiring, and fulfilling?


The traditional work culture has becoming outdated and unhealthy.   Top down systems of authority create more work and stress for those “above" and more resentment for those “below". The inefficiencies in communication and the drain of office drama get in the way of  work getting done. 


The old structures can't tolerate the complexities and pace of change. The problem is obvious to business leaders, but most don't know what to do.  They would love to have less stress and work, but they need to be assured that everything will be productive. 


Obstacles to culture change efforts:

  • Team building exercises lack impact if they do not address the physical and emotional state of the people involved.

  • Culture change initiatives struggle if team-members are not given individual support and the tools necessary for adapting to change. 

  • One-time events can be inspiring but ongoing support is needed to create lasting change.


 H.E.R.Os are cultures of energy, cooperation, and skillful conflict resolution. People have more energy for contribution, and more enjoyment in the process.  They feel passionate about their contributions, with, understanding and gratitude for how they fit into a larger purpose. 


Our passions we offer you are:

  • Support to find your leader within

  • Personal training that uniquely melds body + mind

  • Health coaching to discover & maximize your genetic potential

  • Wellness sessions to master the way of eating and exercise that are simple & bring results

  • Naturopathic sessions to address stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, low moods, poor focus

  • Coaching to create inspired relationships

  • Visioning to set the pace for where you want to go

  • Training that builds resilience in all areas of your life

  • Team sessions to cultivate interdependence and enhanced output

To schedule a session with any of our team members please call Heroics at 866.469.8660