Here are some personal tips and daily practices from people who have had success in habituating ways of being that improved their health and their lives- One day at a time.

Name: John Welsh
Age: 39
Occupation: Entrepreneur, active in the cannabis space. John wears all the hats for the companies he starts.

Characteristics and attributes he seeks to foster with his practices: To be healthy and happy, pushes himself to find new levels of who he is, support a positive emotional state - have more gratitude, and clear brain fog.

• Making the bed.
Benefits: Create routine - adding structure - feels good.

• Breathing exercises - Wim Hoff, transformational breathing. Transformational breathing works as follows: breath in through your mouth into the belly till full, repeat, lying down. Go for between 5 and 20 breaths.
Benefits: Mental clarity and energy - calming

• Juiced vegetables. At the moment he’s juicing just celery. 

Benefits: Taking care of your body- more energy.

• Gratitude journal.

Benefits: Positive thoughts - mindset

• Exercise, such as jumping rope, stretching, or smile exercises in the mirror.

Benefits: Supports sleep and energy levels.

• Eating healthy. John eats a mostly plant based diet: greens, fruits, seeds, minimal animal
products. He tries to eat the least amount possible.

Benefits: Energy, general well being.

• Practices good sleep hygiene - consistent sleep time, no phone for an hour before bed, try
to read before bed, look into the eyes of his girlfriend before bed, quiet the mind - meditation -
guided meditation, breath work, mantra in form of singing a song.

Benefits: Better sleep, and falls asleep faster.

Name: Heather Bridges

Age: 53

Occupation: Management consultant. Leads big transformational initiatives at large organizations.


Characteristic that she practices and seeks to foster: The grace to connect to people with compassion, and giving the time to make those connections.


Weekly meeting with her life


Heather devotes scheduled time once a week to a meeting with her life.  She starts by imagining a life that is joyful and peaceful. She then reviews emails and any tasks she’s written down for herself, and sorts them into things that support her goals and things that don’t. The things that don’t she de-prioritizes or push off to other people.    Her goal with this practice is shed the things that don’t serve her.


Water an intention


Heather bought a plant at the new years. She then wrote down an intention and planted it in the soil surrounding the plant. She has started each morning since then by opening the blinds for the plant and watering it, all while focusing on that intention. The intention she set was making sure to find time to spend with her girlfriends. Her goal with this practice is to make sure she sets time aside to maintain relationships she values.


Walk the walk so she can talk the talk… and experience


Heather makes it a priority to walk her neighborhood every day.   She intentionally varies the route so she can see new things and experience some novelty, as well as break up routine.   Walking her neighborhood allows her to feel more connected to the world she lives in, whether that’s by connecting with neighbors she sees while she’s out or observing the seasons.


Just breathe.  


Heather has an altar that features a number of crystals, and she ends each day by lying down, placing one of the crystals on her chest and watching it go up and down while she breathes.    She finds this practice to clear her mind and settle herself for sleep.

Name: Mike Hardin

Age: 41

Occupation: Trainer at Heroics Training Systems

Characteristic that he practices seeks to foster:  Mantra:  Move, Breath, Eat.


Starts his day at 4:45 am.


Mike starts his day with a limber sequence he’s designed.   It’s a great way to start your day, serving to maintain and expand range of motion while warming up his joints for moving around.    He’s put together a fantastic video that breaks down and shows off the sequence in an easy way to follow along.   Here’s a link!




Other practices that he does as the day goes on, as needed and as time permits:


4/7/8 Breathing: This breathing exercise came from Dr. Weil. To execute, inhale through nose for a count of 4 through the nose. Then hold for that breath for a count of 7. And finally, exhale for a count of 8. Mike will do 4 rounds when doing this sequence during the day, and up to 8 before going to bed.


You may find that this exercise is a great way to take your temperature in terms of how you’re feeling; when you’re stressed, slowing down the exhalation is more difficult. As Mike does this sequence, he finds that it calms down his system and enhances his focus. He does it before meeting with new clients.


Mike tries to do some form of outside movement every day, whether a walk, or something more involved. He tries to get in at least 20 minutes.   When he has the opportunity, he does basic body weight exercises, balancing on driftwood logs, lateral shuffle drills, crawling on the log, walking, hopping, sand hop, or squat hops, depending on where he is.  He frequently has the privilege of doing this practice on the beach or at a local soccer field.


He started this practice during this winter when he was feeling like he was craving the expansiveness of being outdoors and finds it to be energizing, mood elevating, and in general rejuvenating.


We love these practices because they’re simple, easy to implement, and give you a way to quickly impact how you feel!