Every Tuesday at 5:15pm PST

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Stretching makes us stronger. In fact, stretching is a key ingredient to any movement and strength training program.


This specialized class is designed for the individual who experiences tightness in their muscles, joints and ligaments and holds the desire to unwind after long hours of sitting at a desk or exercising their athletic capability.

Integrating deep breathing, with dynamic functional stretches allows the individual to not only build a lasting connection to their body, but to reach the fullest ranges of motion our bodies have the potential to experience.


Reap the full benefits of your hours spent exercising inside and outside of the gym.


This 45-minute LIVE & Virtual Stretch & Recovery Class is led by Transformational Mobility Coach, Jasson Zurilgen, who will walk you step by step through specific dynamic stretches fit for your body, and fitness program. Specifically to:


  • Build lasting strength.

  • Mobilize joint restrictions.

  • Move with more freedom.

  • Improve coordination and control.

  • AND restore integrity to balance the body and mind. 


This class is open to all skill levels. 

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